17-11 End of Semester

End of semester is coming up, but we still have loads of things happening for Robogals!

We have been invited to attend a Women in Leadership breakfast next week, which will feature some activities and talks that will focus on 'branding' yourself, and working on your strengths so you can be the best that you can be! Attending will also be the Deputy Head of Women in Engineering for Rio Tinto, so it will be amazing to be able to talk to her and see what her thoughts on issue are. If you are interested in attending this event, we'd love you to come along with us! All the info to register can be found here. This is the flyer:

17-11 women in leadership breakfast

Flyer for Women in Leadership Breakfast

There will also be an event happening soon that our university, UWA is organising. They are bringing some year 11 and 12 girls in to show them about engineering and science within UWA, and have approached us to get involved with some activities! It's absolutely great that the university is acknowledging us, and it will be a great chance to promote women in engineering, and Robogals.


Even though we have been working so hard, we do take the time rest and relax. The other weekend we went to a local 'chocolate and churros' cafe, where around 13 of our members attended and we celebrated what a great year Robogals Perth has had. It was great to see everybody before the break and before exams, and it was also really good to see some of our newest volunteers! Thanks again to everyone who came down!

Our social event enjoying some spanish donuts and hot chocolate

Posted by Catherine on 27/11/11

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